About Us

OUTSKIRTS NYC is a new sustainable, recyclable & ethically produced brand, focused on a low carbon footprint, completely designed & manufactured by local artisans in small batches in New York, U.S.A.


Nature in its beauty inspires us. Our original painting, photography and digitization, fused with modern materials come together technically & artistically in creating a truly unique bag.


We have created your ultimate re-usable bag for all aspects of your life…from a trip to the grocery store, to a yoga class, from the gym, to the beach & from work to a dinner date…where your bag fashionably stands out at every turn.


Our bags are easy to clean and disinfect. Just wipe them down inside and out with most disinfectant sprays, hand sanitizers and wipes. The waterless eco printing process remains intact!


Come experience our creations & join us on this journey of discovery as we build a modern accessory brand dedicated to art, beauty, inclusion, functionality & sustainability in collaboration & support from all of you…our customers.


We are available for artistic collaborations & custom prints for larger orders.


Erika Falconeri & Dino Martelli